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When I had my chiropractic clinic we always had a good massage therapist on staff to compliment my services. Chiropractic care was the bread and butter of our practice and all our advertising was focused on getting more patients that needed the Graston technique or Active release therapy. When we did try to advertise for our massage therapist, we found we were sometimes in competition with the more exotic massage studios that offer more adult services, so we decided to stay away from that.

Anyway, a massage therapist is great for people that don't have strained ligaments or alignment issues. If you just have muscle pain or muscle spasms, a therapeutic massage can do wonders for you.

I was recently on vacation in New Brunswick and started getting a sore back. Maybe it was because of the long hours of driving, and my lack of exercise while on vacation. So while driving through the quaint little town of Memramcook, which is near Dieppe, I spotted a massage therapist right beside the highway. I went inside and luckily they had an opening and were able to take me right away. Bob the owner, did a fantastic job on my back and I felt like a million bucks after that.

So if you need a good Dieppe massage therapist give Bob a call at (506) 758-3978

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Getting hurt while playing sports can be very frustrating. You feel like you let your team down, you no longer get to play the sport that you love, and, to top it all off, you are in some serious pain. You just want to get better as soon as you can. While going to the doctor is a traditional route - and one that you should certainly take immediately in the wake of the incident - a chiropractor may actually be able to do a better job of helping you recover in the time after the injury has been treated and has started healing.

Tennis ElbowWhen people think about the chiropractor, they often assume that he will only work with the skeletal system. They figure that he can help them with a back ache caused from sitting at the computer all day long. What they fail to realize is that the chiropractor can do so much more than that. It is not just about back aches and skeletal issues. A chiropractor works on both the muscular system and the skeletal system, some combination of which are involved in almost every sports-related injury, from a sprained ankle to a hip that was twisted out of place.

The chiropractor can often do quite a lot to both ease your pain and promote healing. He can give you deep tissue massages that will loosen up tight muscles so that the injury does not happen again. He can teach you about exercises and stretches that you can do on your own, right at home, to keep your body in top shape. If bones and joints are really out of place, where better to go than to the office of someone who knows exactly how the skeletal system works, how it all interacts together, right down to the very smallest bone?

One of the biggest advantages of going to the chiropractor after a sports injury is that he will do things to actually treat your symptoms and your issues, rather than just giving you a drug that will cover up the pain. The doctor might prescribe an addictive painkiller and then tell you to wait it out, but the chiropractor could use any of the following, just to name a few:

- Ice baths. - Core-strengthening exercises. - Balance training. - Resistance machines.

These tactics are similar to the ones that a physical therapist would use. They are geared toward getting you to be healthy again, not just covering up the pain that you are feeling.

Finally, a large part of being a chiropractor involves nutritional education. Many injuries could have been prevented if people just ate right, and people could also heal much faster if they changed their diets. The chiropractor can tell you what you should be eating and what you need to cut from your diet so that you will be healthier and happier going forward. This type of education can actually help to keep you from hurting yourself again in the future.

Here's a great chiropractor in Calgary by the name of Jamila Abdulla who specializes in sports injuries and is a competitive athlete herself.

Chiropractic Health Centre

2713 Centre Street Northwest Calgary, AB T2E 2V5 (403) 277-9339

If you are in northern Alberta, try this Edmonton sports injury chiropractor. Curtis Masters has treated many professional and semi - professional athletes

Champion Chiropractic and Sports Injury Clinic

3 - 7115 - 109 Street NW, Edmonton AB T6G 1B9 (780) 439-9963


The rotator cuff is an incredibly important and complex part of the shoulder that often causes shoulder pain either from a new injury or even something that happened years ago. It is usually injured while playing sports, but can also be damaged from everyday life such as lifting a box awkwardly, or in an accident.

rotator cuff injury

Since the rotator cuff is such an important part of the shoulder, it should be treated as soon as possible because your quality of life can be drastically affected by the lack of mobility and pain that you experience as a result of this serious shoulder injury. When you are thinking of getting treatment, the obvious choice is to see your chiropractor. In most cases, they will be able to rehabilitate the muscles that work with the rotator cuff and restore full mobility to the shoulder. In rare cases surgery may be required.

The  4 muscles of rotator cuff are:

  1. Supraspinatus which initiates abduction
  2. Infraspinatus which externally rotates
  3. Teres Minor also externally rotates
  4. Subscapularis and allows internal rotation

They can be remembered by the acronym SITS

Your chiropractor will use a combination of the Graston technique and Active release technique to treat your rotator cuff problems. The Graston technique uses a set of metal tools to increase blood flow to the muscles of the shoulder and warm it up. Then the chiropractor will use active release techniques to treat the muscle he suspects is causing the problem. He does this by putting pressure on the muscle while you move your arm with the motion that corresponds to that particular muscle. By doing this, the muscle will begin to heal and your mobility will be restored after several sessions. You can not expect to be healed overnight with just one session. It could take months before you regain full use and motion of your shoulder, so you need to be persistent.

The alternative to a chiropractor, is a medical doctor, who will almost certainly want to prescribe you some sort of drug so they can collect a fee. This is to be avoided at all costs, since drugs only seem to treat the pain you are feeling and do nothing to get at the root of the problem.

Here is a demonstration of how one chiropractor treats rotator cuff problems in his clinic. This is only a demonstration, so the treatment he shows you is a lot shorter than normal. You would expect your session to last at least a half an hour.






sciatic nerve painThe Sciatic nerve runs from the lower back through the hip and then through the Piriformis muscle which is in the buttocks, and down to the top part of the leg also known as the Femur. This nerve can cause a lot of pain down into the legs if there something wrong anywhere in the vicinity. There are three main causes of sciatic pain:

  1. Piriformis Syndrome - If the Piriformis muscle is spasming or the muscle is weak, that can put pressure on the Sciatic nerve and cause a lot of pain.
  2. Disk herniation - Also known as a disk bulge, this can be the most severe type of sciatic pain
  3. Misalignment of the pelvis - The pelvis is made up of three bones, which are the llium, the Sacrum, and the Ischium. When you are walking these bones work in a figure 8 configuration and sometimes on side can get stuck and the then the other side can try and compensate and gets stuck in the other direction. This can put pressure on the surrounding muscles causing lower back pain and sciatic pain.

If you are suffering from this rather painful condition, go see your chiropractor and let them evaluate your condition. They will determine which of the three causes is afflicting you and explain how they will treat you. They may recommend adjustments to align your spine and pelvis, stretching and strengthening exercises, ice and heat, or ultrasound to help alleviate the spasm of the muscles. They may also evaluate your posture and see if they can determine how you can improve how you stand, walk, and sit, which can also have an effect on your spine, pelvis and associated muscles.

Here, Dr. Hans Delfo demonstrates some of his techniques for helping his patients with sciatic pain.


Here are some really good knee strengthening exercises that you can do whether you have had surgery or not. They will also help if you have osteoarthritis or knee dislocations. All you will need is some power bands and a platform or chair to lean on.knee problems

  1. One legged squats where you squat down on one leg until your behind hits a bench. Sit down on the bench for a half a second or so to take the pressure off the leg and knee before getting back up again
  2. Normal squats with a power band holding the legs together just above the knees. This helps to keep the knees from pushing out, which is what usually happens when you do squats.
  3. Power band sidesteps are when you put a power band around your ankles and do sidesteps. This works muscles on the left knee when you go to your right and vice versa when you go in the other direction
  4. Power band extensions are when you connect the power band to a solid object that will not move and wrap it around the thigh of the knee you want to work out. Then you flex your knee from a straight leg to a bent leg.
  5. Hip abduction with the power band where you connect the power band to one ankle and pull from the side and release.
  6. One legged knee bends are when your stand on one leg and move your other leg around behind you causing the the leg you are standing on to flex.
  7. Box step ups are where you step onto a milk crate and back down again both from the front and from the side
  8. Box assisted squat is where you are sitting on a bench and you get up and sit down repeatedly.

Try all these exercises and you will likely notice that you have less pain in your knees. Watch the video below to see exactly how to do these. If you don't feel better after a week or so consider seeing your chiropractor


I once had a patient that injured themselves while lifting weights - bench pressing to be exact. They had lowered the barbell too quickly and heard a crunching sound. They said that there wasn't much pain but they put the barbell down and walked around for a while. Then their shoulder felt pretty good so they continued to work out. This was a foolish thing to do because that decision would cause them a lot of pain over the years.

When they first came to see me it was at least six months after the initial injury and they now had a case of frozen shoulder. They couldn't lift there arm above their head and couldn't reach around to the back of themselves either. I proceeded to treat them and gave them some exercises to do at home. After two or three weeks that problem was resolved and their shoulder felt pretty good. Then slowly over the course of a few years, pain started to return to the injured shoulder. It was not debilitating pain, but more of a constant dull pain while sitting down. They said the shoulder did not bother them when they were sleeping, but mostly when they were seated at a desk typing on a computer.

With some simple tests I could tell that the problem was now in the shoulder blade area, and there were a lot of knots and tension in the muscles around the shoulder. I also noticed that their posture was not very good, especially when they sat down at their computer. Their head was leaning forward too much causing stress on all the supporting muscles. I told them that their head weighs at least 12 pounds and when they lean forward it weighs more like 40 pounds.

So, the first order of business was to get them to improve their posture. Next I treated their painful muscles and again gave them some exercises to do at home and told them to get in the habit of stretching periodically during the day. Here are some of the excersises I assigned them.



Most of us that are confined to an office for over 8 hours a day have developed a problem with poor posture. It is almost inevitable that we will sit at our desk in a way that can hurt our bodies later.

We have all heard that sitting for that long every day of your working life can take years off of your life. While that is debatable, what is for certain is that when you have poor posture while sitting at your desk, you will develop a sore neck, back, or shoulders. Sitting with your shoulders shrugged and head forward puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on your neck and you will start to feel the effects of that over time.

One possible solution is to get a standing desk for your office. There are several options here with many different price ranges. In the mid range of prices is a desk from Ikea that sells for around $600. It is totally automatic with an electric motor so you can stand for most of the time but when you start getting tired you can quickly lower the desk. It only takes about 10 seconds to go from sitting to standing and vice versa. There are other cheaper options with one costing just $25. That one is being offered by the people that run Hootsuite and is made of totally collapsible cardboard so you can easily carry it with you and set it up in seconds. If you are totally broke you can just set up some boxes on top of your normal desk to see if you really can stand for hours at a time.

The bottom line is that we all have to get up and move around a lot more than we do now. People were not made to sit a desk for hours at a time without moving. Besides the problems with pain caused by a sedentary lifestyle, we also have to worry about being overweight because we just don't get enough exercise.

Here is a very short video that shows how most of us used to watch TV when we were young - we need to do more of that when we are adults.

The issue of "neck cracking" as a form of treatment used by chiropractors can be a bit controversial. Many mainstream publications have highlighted the fact that there have been some adverse effects from the procedure. These range from the terrible like a stroke, to more subtle changes that are barely noticeable but still negative.

However, these really bad side effects are very rare so you need to realize that you stand a better chance of being hit by a bus when crossing the street, than you do of any serious consequences from a neck treatment. Here is an article that discusses the pros and cons of "neck cracking".  http://lifechiropracticcentre.ca/truth-about-neck-cracking

Here is a video that shows the treatment being performed

Most people go to a medical doctor whenever they have any kind of ailment, but sometimes it just makes sense to go to a chiropractor. If you have numbness in your fingers or toes, it is a good idea to see your doctor, however they will usually just shrug it off and say you may have a repetitive strain injury. Here is a nice article about that subject from a chiropractor's perspective.

Are portions of your hand going numb?  Do you feel hand numbness in certain fingers?  Do your fingers tingle or do you get sharp shooting pains in to your hands?

Many people come to my office telling me that they have carpal tunnel.  In 90% of those cases, and sadly even some they have been to the MD for, it is not the correct diagnosis.

What is carpal tunnel?  You have an indentation within the many bones of your wrist that the muscles that control the flexion of your fingers and your median nerve passes through.  It supplies the palm of your hand and first three fingers.  When you are having carpal tunnel symptoms you are getting compression of the median nerve AT your carpal tunnel.

Many times, even though you have numb fingers, the compression is happening somewhere else.  Often, I find the patient’s forearm to be full of trigger points (tiny painful adhesions between the muscles) that are causing hand numbness.  You can also have hand numbness that is caused by problems with your neck.  If the small holes between the bones of your spine where your nerves exit are causing compression or pressure to build up around your nerves, whatever they supply is not going to get the message.

With any of these issues, your first stop should be a chiropractor.  We are trained to diagnose and treat these problems as well as many others.  If you give chiropractic care a fair chance to work, listen to your doctors recommendations and still find after a couple weeks your symptoms aren’t improving, the chiropractor can refer you on for advanced imaging or diagnostics, physical therapy or even a neurologist consult.

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When people think about chiropractors, many do not realize how chiropractic care can benefit children.  Making an appointment for your child can eliminate future medical problems, and ensure a lifetime of good health.

1.  Most children today carry books and other supplies to and from school.  The practice of using backpacks and tote bags may make this easier for youngsters, but it is not in the best interest of his health.  Especially during the years his body is growing, it can lead to problems with his spine, limbs, and sense of balance.  A visit to the chiropractor can prevent these issues from becoming permanent.

2.  When your child suffers an injury, chiropractic care is a healthier option than pain medication.  In some instances, basic chiropractic adjustments can eliminate the need for surgery.  Whether your child falls from his bicycle, or is injured while playing sports, chiropractic care can result in a faster and more complete recovery.rotator cuff

3.  People of all ages can suffer from migraines and basic headaches.  Youngsters do not need to become dependent on prescription painkillers or over-the-counter medications.  In many cases, chiropractors can determine the cause of headaches, and provide relief without medication.  This can lead to better health for your child.

4.  Normal growth can often be difficult for children.  From rapid growth spurts to failing to grow properly, youngsters can have physical discomfort and anxiety.  Your chiropractor can determine whether your child's growth patterns are normal for him, and take corrective action if it is necessary.

5.  When your child visits a chiropractor regularly, the benefits can be the same as visits to his general physician.  Youngsters can appear to be perfectly healthy, yet have an undetected health issue.  Making chiropractic visits a part of his life can detect health issues when they are easy to correct.  It is much better than allowing problems to affect his life when they become difficult to treat.

It is not too soon to take your child to a chiropractor.  When you make chiropractic visits a habit, he will look forward to seeing this new friend who cares about his health.  Whether your youngster is a preschooler or a teen, schedule an appointment for him today.  The healthy habits he develops when he is young will benefit him for the rest of his life.  He will learn that taking care of his health can be a positive, enjoyable experience.


Probably one of the most painful conditions we humans have in common is the torment of a bad back. Stretches, pills, exercise, hot pads, cold packs and unlimited topical creams are only some of the desperate measures we use. Although chiropractors do not appeal to everyone suffering pain, the application of manual manipulation of the joints and muscles attracts countless believers in alternative medicine. The majority of those seeking chiropractic treatment do so for low back pain. The chiropractic community asserts that healing and prevention of diseases for all parts of the body is embedded in this particular holistic approach. Frequently scientific and medical experts are of the general opinion the applicable benefits of manual therapeutics does not apply to more than (possibly) back pain.

Although somewhat agreeable to the declaration that chiropractic care temporarily relieves Neck X-rayback pain, science denies that the same care can assist the body in homeopathic healing. Chiropractic care usually adjusts the spine and can restore mobility to muscles, joints and tissue in the process of realigning the body after trauma such as a fall. An accident, back stress from exertion or improper sitting too often, headaches, neck pain, osteoarthritis and inflammatory arthritis can cause a plethora of pain all over the body. Spinal manipulation, massage, stretching exercise and good nutrition are part of a chiropractic plan for wellness.

The beginning of chiropractic care in 1894 proposed claims that spinal laying on of hands restored and improved everything from deafness to intelligence. Myths through the years since the nineteenth century onset of chiropractic therapy include a suggestion that it is unsafe. Although there may be slight discomfort for a few seconds, it is a fairly painless therapy, and as safe as dancing. The relief that follows the hands on strategy is all the proof one needs. Chiropractors are qualified in their specialty by four years of undergraduate study followed by four or five years to obtain a doctorate degree. Concentrating on methods of relieving pain and suffering of soft tissues as well as bones and joints is an educational experience the same as any other doctor with a specialty. Chiropractors must serve a residency and pass national and state exams to be licensed. Physicians may counsel patients against using chiropractors because; this kind of practitioner is enslaving, one will have to continue the regimen. Possibly one will choose to continue because the drug free adjustments make the body more flexible, give one more energy and frees the mind. Chiropractic care is a safe and effective treatment for aches and pain, stiffness in joints and back as well as improving function of the body in general.

Chiropractors believe in the education and training they have accomplished in becoming seasoned veterans in health care. There is an essential connection between the nervous system and the spine. As pressure is relieved in the spine, the body ultimately profits. The non- surgical comfort obtained through manual adjustment of the back, limbs neck and spine is reinforcement that medication and surgery may not be necessary for a cure. Certain procedures performed by a chiropractor are the root of therapy and manipulation. An adjustment to the spine involves the patient laying face down on the examination table. The chiropractor performs short arm thrusts to certain spine locations to restore mobility and decrease nerve irritation. Common nerve irritation is cause by the binding of the nerve root; sciatica, spinal stenosis or a herniated disc. This is a treatable torment made better with manipulation. Other diagnoses such as; tumors, infections, open wounds, pacemaker distress or hemophilia are extremely serious ailments that require the chiropractor to refer the patient to the proper specialist or medical professional for complete care.

The chiropractor is a proficient, qualified D.C. or Doctor of Chiropractic, with extensive education. Many chiropractors collaborate with physicians concerning patients with multiple health issues, such as heart disease. The patients have the best of both worlds in this case, the chiropractor is able to advise them on the type of fitness routine to best care for their back while the patient is administered to by both caretakers. A reasonable amount of exercise is beneficial in strengthening muscles while assisting in digestion. The chiropractor will only advise his patients in the functions that contribute best to good health.