8 Great Excercises For Strengthening Your Knees

Here are some really good knee strengthening exercises that you can do whether you have had surgery or not. They will also help if you have osteoarthritis or knee dislocations. All you will need is some power bands and a platform or chair to lean on.knee problems

  1. One legged squats where you squat down on one leg until your behind hits a bench. Sit down on the bench for a half a second or so to take the pressure off the leg and knee before getting back up again
  2. Normal squats with a power band holding the legs together just above the knees. This helps to keep the knees from pushing out, which is what usually happens when you do squats.
  3. Power band sidesteps are when you put a power band around your ankles and do sidesteps. This works muscles on the left knee when you go to your right and vice versa when you go in the other direction
  4. Power band extensions are when you connect the power band to a solid object that will not move and wrap it around the thigh of the knee you want to work out. Then you flex your knee from a straight leg to a bent leg.
  5. Hip abduction with the power band where you connect the power band to one ankle and pull from the side and release.
  6. One legged knee bends are when your stand on one leg and move your other leg around behind you causing the the leg you are standing on to flex.
  7. Box step ups are where you step onto a milk crate and back down again both from the front and from the side
  8. Box assisted squat is where you are sitting on a bench and you get up and sit down repeatedly.

Try all these exercises and you will likely notice that you have less pain in your knees. Watch the video below to see exactly how to do these. If you don't feel better after a week or so consider seeing your chiropractor