Does Massage Therapy Work With Chiropractic Treatment?

When I had my chiropractic clinic we always had a good massage therapist on staff to compliment my services. Chiropractic care was the bread and butter of our practice and all our advertising was focused on getting more patients that needed the Graston technique or Active release therapy. When we did try to advertise for our massage therapist, we found we were sometimes in competition with the more exotic massage studios that offer more adult services, so we decided to stay away from that.

Anyway, a massage therapist is great for people that don't have strained ligaments or alignment issues. If you just have muscle pain or muscle spasms, a therapeutic massage can do wonders for you.

I was recently on vacation in New Brunswick and started getting a sore back. Maybe it was because of the long hours of driving, and my lack of exercise while on vacation. So while driving through the quaint little town of Memramcook, which is near Dieppe, I spotted a massage therapist right beside the highway. I went inside and luckily they had an opening and were able to take me right away. Bob the owner, did a fantastic job on my back and I felt like a million bucks after that.

So if you need a good Dieppe massage therapist give Bob a call at (506) 758-3978

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